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      Quality guarantee

      Quality guarantee Quality system

      Quality policy

      Keep honesty and provide high quality product and service. Keep constant innovation and achieve industry first class technical level.

      Description of quality policy: Show the constant pursue of all staff for product quality of company. The requirements of customers can be satisfied only by making constant improvement. The quality policy also shows the principle of “first class, first class management and first product, which makes our company the first choice of customers for a long time.

      We provide high quality product and service so as to increase the customer satisfaction, enhance the concept of Customers Orientation and strengthen the consciousness of Taking Customer Satisfaction as Target. We also inspire each staff to constantly improve the effectiveness of quality management system and to seek for high quality well-known products by hardworking.

      In order to achieve industry first class technical level, we must manufacturer the innovative well-known products by constant technical generation, management and system upgrading and continuous process performance improvement. Besides, we must satisfy the demands of domestic and abroad customers and keep the class level in domestic industry and remain invincible in competitive market.

      The quality policy shows the principle and orientation of quality works in company and provides a frame to stipulate and review the quality target. If fully indicates the promise to meet the requirements and to ensure the effectiveness of quality management system. It contains the promises to meet relevant laws and regulations and it is guideline for quality management works. Therefore, we organize several types of training and spreading the quality policy which shall be completely understood by all employees. Each employee shall carry out his duties to meet the requirements of quality policy and target requirements. Also the properness of quality policy shall be reviewed periodically.

      Quality target

      Percentage of pass of machine to be inspected / mass loss rate / customer satisfaction degree

      The quality target is set up based on and in line with the quality policy. It clarifies the quality pursuit of our company. Thus, the quality target may be constantly improved. The quality assurance department shall stipulate the general quality target each year according to the instructions of general manager. Each department and workshop shall manage the quality target according to requirements so as to ensure the implementation of quality policy and the realization of quality target. Each functional department and workshop shall lead all employees to correct those behaviors which are not in line with quality policy.

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